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So I was just thinking, and...

So I was just thinking, and...

The Rules of #RoundandAbout

dave smith

So I'm heading to North Wales to ride on roads and trails, combined, with hills and rain - I hope.

The plan is simple, start at a trail centre, circle it on road first - if a trail crosses a road, I can't use that road. If a road isn't on street view I can't use it. Then when I get back to the start, I change to MTB and ride the longest Red trail at the centre. Kind of like a duathlon, but a ducycleon.

I'll start the GPS at the car park entrance, pause when I get there after the road loop, start and end the MTB ride there. I'm not going to do any silly fast type of transition, but I'm not going to have tea and cake either.

I'll ride as hard and fast as I can on both sections.

I'll do the rides whatever the weather, apart from if gusts of wind, fog or ice make riding too dangerous.

I'll post the ride as a single strava segment and share the gpx file. I'll take some video too, some of which may even be interesting.

Bikes have been chosen by Lapierre UK distributors Hotlines to deal with long days on heavy road and challenging trails - the Pulsium 500 and XR729.

I'm hoping for truly awful weather - apart from enjoying it, I'd like to demonstrate that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing/equipment. It's also a great opportunity to test some equipment over long consecutive rides on and off-road.

Can't blooming wait!

And after North Wales, some monster rides in Ireland and Scotland.

I'll keep you posted!