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Oh, hello!

Hi, I'm Dave Smith, and I can help make you leaner, faster, healthier and with less time commitment than you may think is necessary. I've been a national and Olympic coach, I'm an endurance athlete, writer, and creative and I have designed Velocity and Vitality as a resource for anyone seeking to gain more enjoyment and greater performance from their training time and meal times! Whether a cyclist, triathlete, runner or a current 'none-er', here you can find ideas and inspiration - plus professional services designed to help you improve your performances or simply enhance your enjoyment of your chosen activity.

As a professional who combines a scientific foundations with creative strategies and counter intuitive methods, I have specialised for years in giving my clients permission to attain the outstanding new levels of fitness and performance that they secretly knew they could achieve.

These are people just like you who turned into...

  • The winning athlete
  • The slim middle-aged man
  • The hill running mum
  • The faster cyclist
  • The new triathlete

If you really want things to change and you’re not quite sure how, get in touch, look out for events, read the ideas, look at the videos. In 20 years of working in the area of human performance, I’ve coached athletes from world champions to Tour de France stage winners, to over-weight business men without a gym membership - who love cheese.