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Your V&V

Years of working with world class cyclists and other professional athletes means that I can help anyone become leaner and faster - meaning I can help enhance your own Velocity and Vitality. It's a proven service for individuals at any level of current activity, health and fitness, from Type 1 diabetics to F1 drivers.

There are four plans for various desired outcomes, from elite athlete to currently inactive and you can see how effective they have been for people just like you on the results page.

Consulting With Jeremy McGrath

Consulting With Jeremy McGrath

Velocity and Vitality: A 10 week plan that will help you learn news ways of eating, training and thinking about your performance - bringing you significant changes in less than three months. Each training session is set out for you to suit your goals and lifestyle, whilst the nutritional strategy delivers any necessary weight-loss, energy and health. Clients have used this plan to move from complete novice to Etape finisher in 5 months and to win races in their first competitive season.

Cost: £250 per 10 week phase

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Zurich Training Camp with International Polo Academy

Zurich Training Camp with International Polo Academy

The Phoenix Plan: If you are currently inactive, unfit and overweight, the Phoenix plan is the perfect choice - designed for currently inactive individuals this plan will help you to develop new habits, changing your activity patterns, put your nutrition on track and surpassing your own expectations regarding what you can achieve - bringing you huge changes in your self-confidence and self-esteem.

It can be tough for anyone without a sports background to break through old habits and lifestyles to achieve gains in health and fitness. Whilst one of the undoubted benefits of following a fresh way of eating and daily activity is a loss of body weight, this isn’t a plan aimed at creating a super-slim and ultra-fit army! It's all about gaining self-confidence and boosting motivation by ticking off small steps on the way to the ultimate goal. I will look at all aspects of your current lifestyle and guide you along changes that are custom designed to fit into your work and family schedule, your long-term goals and even your taste in drinks! 

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition

  • Daily Routine

  • Achieving Goals

  • Permanent Change

  • Weekly Monitoring

  • Consultation by phone

A key part of the Phoenix plan is that you learn why your plan is the way it is, what works best for you, how to stay motivated and most crucially not become dependent on someone else. You should only need one plan, as I believe in individual responsibility rather than excessive hand holding. The plan will give you a 10-week program that previous clients have found to give an exceptional new focus, a boosted self-esteem, and enhanced health and fitness.  The importance of exercise to prevent and bring relief to numerous physical and mental ailments is beyond doubt, yet we know how hard it can be in the face of daily routines, past failures and conflicting advice. Through this plan I can help you find a fresh approach to ensure success by cutting through the nonsense with clear, effective and realistic guidance. 

Cost: £250 per 10 week phase - one is usually enough to put you on track

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Vitality Plan:

Many people undertaking regular exercise find that they still struggle to reach their target weight, or lack the energy and focus during the day.

Maybe they fail to satisfactorily complete training sessions or competitive events. The vitality plan addresses nutrition for health and performance. Tailored to your individual activity levels, health status, goals and food preferences, the Vitality plan includes recipe suggestions and guidance on supplement use.

It’s not a diet, but a fresh approach to lifetime nutrition. What to eat, when to eat it, and how to make it.

Cost: £135

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Velocity Plan:

If you’re one of those athletes who are already as lean as a butchers knife and have a nutrition strategy that works well for you, you may just want a personalized training program. Something designed around your particular time constraints, long-term goals and resources. The Velocity plan will outline the best use of your time, with a minimal effective dose approach, and will help implement the most effective process to follow. Intervals or squats, hill reps or duvet day? It also includes some guidance on the psychological aspect of your training and performance.

Cost: £135 for 10 weeks

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